Hower Engineering

Serving Missouri and surrounding areas since 1976.


Hower Engineering is a design and problem solving firm principally operated by Jeffry Hower, PE. Education consists of degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering from the University of Missouri in 1975. Primary work experience comes from working in a 100+ million dollar per year chemical manufacturing, packaging and distribution firm for 36 years where advanced to the position of Vice President of Engineering. Work involved all aspects of the firm including:


Planning, Supervision, Budgeting, Equipment selection, installation, maintenance and operation, Building maintenance, Manufacturing processes, Filling and packaging, Process tanks, Pumps and and piping, Boilers, HVAC, Electrical systems, Computer room design, Heat exchangers, Building layout, Shipping including tractor/trailer purchases and maintenance, Warehouse design and construction, Specialty machine design and construction, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Compressors, Sprinkler systems, Safety and code compliance, Security equipment and systems, Energy conservation, Purchasing, Consulting


Other skills include: AutoCad, Industrial Photography, Excel, Word